Resources for COVID-19 Pandemic

This is an evolving thing, and I can’t begin to get comprehensive, but here are some places to start, and you should start now…

       On a different subject (the pandemic medical response), if any
       of you have connections to the catering business, I have some
       quick questions I’d like answered about catering appliances. 
       Please get in touch, or have the people you know in the business
       get in touch with me, NOW.

Now some things that might help you, and places you can help others… (crisis funding works both ways…):

General information for Maryland Businesses, includes information for SBA assistance:

Dance/USA on the recent relief bill:

Dance/USA impact survey:

The National Dance Education Organization ( ) has several forum posts sharing experience and strategy. They’re also hosting seminars on teaching online through their Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI).

Frederick Artists Relief Fund (at GoFundMe):

Arts Administrators of Color Network (at GoFundMe):


Vimeo tips on virtual events:

Larger organizations (with more resources than I) are compiling bigger directories…. check these too.  A number of these include surveys to measure impact…

And if you need some arts exposure…

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