MSAC Touring Artist Profile

Vincent E. Thomas founded VTDance as an outlet for performance projects including solo, group, and collaborative choreographic endeavors. VTDance is multi-dimensional. The work builds on the use of contemporary dance, improvisation, text/movement, a variety of sound sources, and collaborations with other artists, including dancers, musicians, poets, visual artists, and others [to be discovered]. These ideas coupled with witty, poignant, athletic and gestural movement are the rich palette for VTDance. Vincent is able to provide performances to fit any number of audiences and accommodating to a variety of spaces. “iWitness,” the award-winning choreographer contemplates acts of humanity in this deeply moving, multi-layered work, exploring simple truths in human behaviors and implied truths in human documents from the Pledge of Allegiance to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “iWitness” studies the ideals we seek and the philosophers and humanitarians we attempt to follow. Pledge springs from the Pledge of Allegiance; Render and Proceed investigates the convolution of media and its effect on the human condition and society; ‘Come Change’ considers the past and present for a hopeful tomorrow. Other solos and excerpt works include: ‘Grandmother Project’, ‘L.O.V.E. Project’, ‘Shadows’, ‘Occupy’, and a range of improvisational structured solos. Vincent E. Thomas is a 2008 Kennedy Center Local Dance Commission Award recipient.

Complimentary Activities:

Vincent E. Thomas offers community engagement activities to deepen the experiences with audiences through a variety of workshops. Workshops include community engagement, community building, and community movement for all ages, children to senior adults. Fees for these programs range from $500 to $2,000.

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