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ClancyWorks shifts perceptions through performance! ClancyWorks presents original modern dance works created through an exploration of architecturally informed partnering techniques. The Washington Post has described Adrienne Clancy, Founder, as ― a wizard of invention‖ and her choreography as ― a tour de force of unpredictable partnering. Over the past 20 years of choreographing, Clancy has earned numerous awards and honors for her work and has had her dances presented internationally in Japan, Poland, Paraguay, Mexico, Israel, and England. Recently ClancyWorks has presented performances on a national level in New York, New Mexico, California, Texas, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.

“The mercurial ease with which ClancyWorks not only performed, but opened and illuminated the artistic process, and actually incorporated audience reactions and suggestions into a dance piece, was arresting and informative. This was an elegant version of improvisation from audience
suggestions. Brava! Bravo! The company was cordial, congenial, and a pleasure to work with offstage as well, which matters a lot to us as a presenter.” Dr. Donn Murphy, National Theater Presenter, DC, commenting on a ClancyWorks concert presented at the National Theater.

Complimentary Activities:

ClancyWorks education programs highlight leadership skills, community, teamwork, collaboration, and historical/cultural context of each dance form balance discipline and rigor with fun.

ClancyWorks demonstrates a truly unique approach to partnering that carries into our educational and professional development residency work, including:

-Arts integration residencies teaching K-12 Earth/Space Science and/or Health/Fitness through movement;

-Tailored dance workshops in a range of genres (including Modern, Hip Hop, Step, Latin dance, African dance, Jazz, Ballet);

-Choreographic commissions for high school, colleges, and universities;

-ClancyWorks’ School Assembly Program tailored for K-12; and

-Movement workshops for Senior citizens.

Fees for these programs begin at $200.

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