Sankofa Dance Theater

Sankofa Dance Theater

MSAC Touring Artist Profile

Sankofa Dance Theater creates and presents world-class, authentic African art in the form of dance, music, and folkways for national and international audiences. The work of the Company is rooted in healing and bringing intercultural understanding to the global village while staying true to the definition of the word “Sankofa” which means to learn from the past in an effort to build for the future. Sankofa Dance Theater reaches back into the rich legacy of African culture and history to move forward into greater awareness and sensitivity to the world community

Complimentary Activities:

Dance Classes: Sankofa Dance Theater offers workshops that feature traditional African Dance or Drum technique. Dance classes often feature movements from the Casssamance Region of Senegal, West Africa … movements that are chosen because they bring a flowing beauty while at the same time giving the spirit that follows the path of the rhythm that is intrinsic to the pulsating, pounding wonderfully repetitious, yet always unique beat of Africa.

The Griot Storyteller: The Griot is the historian in the African village, but is known as the storyteller in the modern world. Sankofa Dance Theater takes storytelling to new heights by adding a musical backdrop, drama, song, and sometimes dance. Some stories are Old World, taking the listener on a travelogue journey all the way into the village. Others are New World and cutting edge in a way that bridges yesterday, today and tomorrow. Sankofa Dance Theater offers Griot programs designed for young, mixed age, or adult audiences. Fees for these programs begin at $500.

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