SOLE Defined

SOLE Defined

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Dynamic, Infectious and Energetic!

SOLE Defined, a 501 (c)3 charitable organization, is a percussive dance theater show based in the Washington, DC area. Founded in 2011 by Quynn Johnson & Ryan Johnson, this award-winning show takes an exciting twist on theater and percussive dance. SOLE Defined creates a free flowing conversation through music and movement by fusing body percussion, tap dance and tapping on roller skating. Quoted by the Washington Post for performing “the coolest number of the night with its high-stepping and toe tapping blend of style,” SOLE Defined’s national and international credits include The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, The International Cajon Festival in Lima, Peru, and the DancEncore International Dance Festival in Canada. Turing their bodies into a human drum, SOLE Defined brings the rhythms of the world to you.

Complimentary Activities:

SOLE Defined creators, Quynn Johnson, and Ryan Johnson understand the importance of arts integration and the performing arts ability to reinforce academics. With this mission, they created the SOLE Stepz Arts in Education program. SOLE Stepz offers artist residencies, workshops, and assemblies in schools and youth servicing organizations. The goal of SOLE Stepz is to promote positive self-expression through the performing arts. We achieve this by using percussive dance (tap and body percussion) was a tool to educate and promote collaboration, teamwork, and the importance of self-expression among youth grades K-12. SOLE Stepz also teaches the traditions and history of tap dance and body percussion, basic steps, and improvisation where students enhance their ability to create their own movement.

To build successful programming, SOLE Stepz selects an appropriate Maryland State Dance Standard and corresponding 21st Century Skills. In addition, SOLE Stepz utilizes both formative and summative assessments in the form of instructional rubrics, self-evaluation, and student performance. It is our goal to expand our school partnerships and reach schools across multiple Maryland school districts. Below is a short description of the SOLE Stepz assembly, residency, and workshop program.


This energetic performance promotes the traditions and history of tap dance and body percussion, aiming to inspire and motivate students.

Grade Level: K-12th

Connections: History, Dance, Movement


Explores music & movement through percussive dance while learning collaboration, teamwork and the importance of self-expression.

Grade Level: K-12th

Connections: History, Dance, Music

Fees for these programs range from $900 to $1,150.

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