Pandemic Isolation and a Whole New World….

Governor Hogan will be addressing the state at 11am on Monday, March 23rd.  I debated holding these thoughts until after the press conference, but I think it’s safe to assume that Maryland will expand the shutdown measures, probably to include anything non-essential (full “stay-at-home” orders), and school closures will extend several weeks, if not through the end of the year. Anything else that’s announced, well… we’ll deal with that later.  Seems like we’re stuck apart a bit longer (and that’s a good and important thing).

I said last time, that this pandemic will force dramatic and rapid economic, social, and personal changes on everyone, and those changes are unpredictable.  But, in the words of Alan Kay, “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.”  Now is the time to start thinking about how you want the world to look on the other side of this thing, and begin to but those visions and hopes into actionable form.  I’m very much looking forward to thinking those things with you… we have a whole new world to build…

Many of you are going to be stuck at home for an indefinite period, uncertain of the health of people you care about, your personal income, the stability of your business, and so much more… this sucks.  This sucks a lot.  It’s OK to not be OK.  If you need help, please ask – I’ll do what I can, and there are other resources to draw upon.  Here are some places to look:

The great people at Impact Hub have created a document aggregating resources here:

Baltimore is organizing neighborhood response teams here:

Baltimore Development Corporation is collecting information on businesses and non-profits impacted by the pandemic.  You can participate here:

And if you’re still feeling good about surveys after all that, a gentle reminder that the Baltimore Regional Dance Survey (#BRDS2020) needs more participation… Please make sure you’ve completed it yourself, and share with anyone else in your dance world.

A few people have connected already, but I’ll re-iterate the invitation… If you want to talk about any of this stuff (even if it’s not about dance, but especially if it is…), I’m happy to do so.

If you have any personal protective equipment (especially gloves and masks) that you don’t need, please consider donating it to a local hospital.

Please get good information.

Please stay home.

Please keep dancing. (has anyone started working on the “social distance ballet”?)

Please reach out to people directly and personally.  They will miss seeing/dancing/working with you.  I will miss you.

Simple acts of kindness do matter.  Point out beauty when you can. Bring a little joy to someone.

If there is something I can do, please let me know.

———- just fun down here ———-

And, to brighten up a few artist’s lives today…. with an extra helping of cheesy for now….

From Vietnam’s Health Ministry almost a month ago (22 million views, but, don’t miss out) –

My Corona by Laurel B. and the Knack –

Stay Inside! by Urian Hackey (with love from Nirvana) –

Shuffle Dance by Andre Serox –

And in the hospitals, dance matters…

From Wuhan –

From Iran –

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