If Cities Could Dance: Baltimore

Going all the way to San Francisco to pick up some of the dance of Baltimore… KQED brings you If Cities Could Dance: Baltimore

KQED highlights Terry Wedington AKA TSU Terry, Brandon Dawson AKA McLovin, and Janiyah Johnson AKA Nirow.

Some photos of TSU Terry and some coverage of the Baltimore Club scene from the Baltimore Sun.

More on Team Squad Up.

Lots more going on in the city… is anyone covering it?

Also in the series, Detroit, San Francisco, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Portland.

With the help of ballet, Terps cornerback Alvin Hill’s play becomes on pointe

The power and benefits of dance are endless for all areas of life. Football player Alvin Hill suffered from a knee injury and was recommended to takebs-sp-terps-alvin-hill-0930-20160929-001 yoga classes to help him recover. Soon afterwards, the yoga teacher, Collette Krogol convinced him to sign up for her ballet class at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland.
“‘It helps him in understanding himself and being responsible for himself and how he’s executing the movement,’ Krogol said. ‘But also recognizing that there’s all these other people moving around him, and how does he navigate the space to be able to move through the vocabulary that I’m asking him to.'”

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MPT Artworks Dance Coverage

Baltimore has a wonderful media resource just up the street in Owings Mills – MPT. MPT is a well-respected public television station that produces a number of nationally-syndicated programs, but what’s interesting for Baltimore dance is Artworks, which is put together by PBS stations around the country.

Now starting its fifth season, most episodes are available online. Ignoring the few episodes that are awards-oriented, there are 134 you can watch online. Episodes typically feature three or four segments, and that adds up to about 474 segments in the first four seasons. Of those, 25 address dance in some form (5%).

Here you go…
Episode 102: “A young Muslim woman hip hop dancer who performs in traditional dress” (Amy Sackett)
Episode 110: “Discover the charisma of dancer-choreographer Jennifer Nugent
Episode 125: “Exploring the Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre which combines caberet, hip-hop and drag queens”
Episode 126: “Featuring choreographer for big Broadway shows like ‘Annie,'” (Andy Blankenbuehler)
Episode 213: “Dance legend Bill T. Jones
Episode 223: “The aerial magic of Colorado’s ‘Frequent Flyer Productions‘ Dance Company.”
Episode 224: “The complex physics of the dancer’s leap.” (David Ward, Dr. Tim Hewett, Dr. Thomas Humanic)
Episode 227: “The Colorado Ballet’s moving dance about Holocaust suffering and survival,”
Episode 231: “Native American dancer and choreographer Rulan Tangen is passionate about the transformative, ritualistic power of dance,”
Episode 232: “The Artistic Director of the revived Dance Theatre of Harlem” (Virginia Johnson)
Episode 233: “Introducing a Muslim woman hip hop dancer and choreographer,” (Amy Sackett)
Episode 238: “Paula Zahn’s compelling interview with dance legend Bill T. Jones.”
Episode 303: “We meet Colorado’s Wonderbound Dance Company;”
Episode 318: “A sizzling teaser for PBS’s America’s Ballroom Challenge, the series which launched the genre of dancing competitions.”
Episode 321: “On your toes – it’s the rarefied world of a ballerina,” (Samantha Lewis), retired.
Episode 324: “Vegas showgirls – self-defining artists or exploited icons?”
Episode 326: “Legendary Choreographer Mark Morris brings back one of his seminal dances — and it’s spectacular, again.”
Episode 404: “Legends and rising stars in the rarefied world of dance. Mark Morris talks about a splendid revival of one of his seminal dances, and Bill T. Jones talks about his revolutionary choreography – and his humble beginnings as the son of sharecropper. Then Amy Sackett – fearless hip hop Muslim dancer & choreographer. ”
Episode 414: “A stunning flow of movement through exploratory dance with the Cirio Collective in Boston.”
Episode 418: “A story about Nevada Ballet Theatre, keeping classical dance alive in Vegas;”
Episode 422: “Filmmaker Ric Burns captures American Ballet Theater at 1,500 frames per second.”
Episode 431: “Leaping beyond the strict techniques of ballet with the Cirio Collective.”
Episode 432: “Exploring the improvisational dance process of action and reaction with dance company 3rd Law.”

Take out the repeat coverage (Amy Sackett [Ep 102, 233, 404], Bill T. Jones [Ep 213, 238, 404], Mark Morris [Ep 326, 404], Cirio Collective [Ep 414, 431], and dance coverage from Artworks is just 20 segments in four seasons. A lot of it comes from Colorado (3rd law, Colorado Ballet, Frequent Flyer Productions, Wonderbound), so a nod to Colorado’s PBS affiliate.

And I will close with a request – There’s a lot of dance in Baltimore (and we have more oxygen than Colorado), so make it awesome, make it newsworthy, and get in touch with MPT about getting it on Artworks.

Jessica Amber Pinkett and Courtney Celeste Spears in Ailey II

Fresh off a week of workshops and performances in Towson, a quick nod to Baltimore dancers Jessica Amber Pinkett (in her first season) and Courtney Celeste Spears (in her second season) touring with Ailey II. The Sun has a piece featuring the two and another with a short bit on Courtney Celeste Spears. And yes, Courtney is literally the face of the tour this season:

Ailey II’s Courtney Celeste Spears. Photo by Eduardo Patino.

For the rest of the world, catch these awesome performers along with the rest of the Ailey II company on their current season tour.

Theft from a Dance Studio – Columbia

On August 20th, cash was stolen from Arabesque Dance Studio in Columbia, Maryland. Slightly more detail at Patch.

I don’t know how much, and I don’t know if the perpetrator has been identified, but they do have an on-site store. If you need to buy dance-wear stuff in the near future, you might consider patronizing these dancers.

200 dancers turn up, show moves for ‘Hairspray Live’ auditions

The Baltimore Sun

“A line of around 200 colorful “Hairspray” hopefuls wrapped around the Hippodrome Theatre on Thursday morning, each waiting for a chance to be a part of a live televised production of the Broadway musical based on the 1988 John Waters film.

NBC was hosting auditions for “Hairspray Live,” offering one Baltimore-area resident a trip to Los Angeles and a dancing role in the show about a chubby Baltimore girl with hep moves — and a TV dance show in need of desegregation. Baltimore is the only city where the auditions will be held, according to an NBC spokeswoman, which gives local talent the opportunity to be a part of a production that is closely identified with the city.

The broadcast will air Dec. 7, with a cast including Jennifer Hudson, Harvey Fierstein, Kristin Chenoweth, Martin Short, Sean Hayes, Rosie O’Donnell, Ariana Grande and Andrea Martin.

Would-be stars were queuing up for the auditions by 6 a.m…” (Brittany Britto).

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Congratulations Noelle Tolbert

Noelle Tolbert is the new Dance Department Chair for Chesapeake Arts Center – Congratulations!

Previously noted, Chesapeake Arts Center is hiring dance instructors.

Classes start in September, so if you’re on the south side of Baltimore, there’s a new place to move. With the class schedule, Chesapeake Arts Center gets a new slot here in the Learn Something list.

Announcement follows:

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Akimbo 2016

Congratulations, class of Akimbo 2016! You have just a bit over a month to discover these artists, so… let me help you with that.

Baggypantsrich and mrsuaidi
Baltimore Dance Project
Blue Shift
The Collective
darlingdance [Warning: Facebook]
Deep Vision Dance Company
FlamencoSole Experimental
Full Circle Dance Company
Maggie Jones & Tiffany Spearman
Moveius Contemporary Ballet
Noelle Tolbert and Alex D’Agostino
Peter Redgrave & Khristian Weeks
Prakriti Dance [Warning: Facebook]
Public Operations / Noa Heyne
ReVision Dance Company [Warning: Facebook]
Sarah Smith
Vaught Contemporary Ballet [Warning: Facebook]
Zoe Cleous & Artists

If you’ve got link tips for the ones that don’t have links, please let me know