Baltimore Regional Dance Survey is Live

This has been a long time coming, and much more challenging than I originally imagined… but, it’s live now and YOU can participate!

The primary research is being done by a small group at Towson University, this is the introduction to the survey…

This study is being conducted on behalf of a group of Marketing students from Towson University. Its purpose is to take an analytical look at dancers working conditions in the Baltimore area and the general environment in which they make work, as well as to determine the space needs of dancers and support efforts to build new dance-specific spaces in the Baltimore area.

The survey, which can be found at the link below, is the primary tool for this study. It will be circulated to approximately 1700 dancers, students, suppliers, and instructors in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. We have identified these artists from numerous sources ranging from performance spaces, producers, funding agencies and service organizations.

We hope that the generous investment of your valuable time will benefit you and your fellow artists in the years to come. We are very grateful for your time and efforts.

Baltimore Regional Dance Survey

I encourage everyone that performs, teaches, or studies dance, AND (this is important) all those that provide services and support for the dancers to participate – and invite friends!

As far as I can tell, dance in Baltimore has never been studied at this depth – and every bit counts.

Please help.