Travel for Dance Classes

Having spent some time on the classes available in Baltimore, another question asked of dance students in the Baltimore Regional Dance Survey was about travel for classes. Respondents were asked, “How far did you travel in 2016 to take a class?” and given 7 choices:

Less than 10 miles (Baltimore metro)
11-50 miles (Washington D.C., Frederick)
51-100 miles (Philadelphia, Harrisburg)
101-250 miles (New York City, Pittsburgh, Richmond)
251-1000 miles (Upstate New York, Massachusetts, Carolinas, Ohio)
1001-2500 miles (United States)

Respondents could select as many as appropriate. Some bias is introduced by providing sample destinations, but I figured that was less troublesome than asking each person to decide if New York City fit in the 101-250 mile range or in the 251-1000 mile range (because it depends on which part of Baltimore Metro and which part of New York City metro you connect…). 55 Respondents made it through this question.

2017 BRDS Travel Distance for Dance Classes

No surprise, given the opinion that there are quality dance instructors in the Baltimore Region, the majority of respondents took classes in the less-than-10-mile range. Economically, the next (11-50 mile range) is also quite understandable, and the common trip to New York shows up in the 101-250 mile option.

As a check within the survey, recall a previously-discussed question –

2017 BRDS Respondents with any class time at each level

34 Respondents spent some time in Masterclasses during 2016, and we have 21 respondents traveling 101 miles or more for classes. That seems reasonable.

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