Akimbo 2016

Congratulations, class of Akimbo 2016! You have just a bit over a month to discover these artists, so… let me help you with that.

Baggypantsrich and mrsuaidi
Baltimore Dance Project
Blue Shift
The Collective
darlingdance [Warning: Facebook]
Deep Vision Dance Company
FlamencoSole Experimental
Full Circle Dance Company
Maggie Jones & Tiffany Spearman
Moveius Contemporary Ballet
Noelle Tolbert and Alex D’Agostino
Peter Redgrave & Khristian Weeks
Prakriti Dance [Warning: Facebook]
Public Operations / Noa Heyne
ReVision Dance Company [Warning: Facebook]
Sarah Smith
Vaught Contemporary Ballet [Warning: Facebook]
Zoe Cleous & Artists

If you’ve got link tips for the ones that don’t have links, please let me know

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