New Forum Features

Now testing new forum features here at In the Dancer’s Studio.

The old job-posting system was tedious and labor intensive and annoying… but an important thing for a dance economy. Now you can post your own opportunities in the Opportunities forum. This is open to any opportunities – jobs, fellowships, grants…

For other dance-related discussion, there’s the DAB [Dance Around Baltimore] forum. Got something on your mind? Something that needs attention?

I do realize this is all very old-school and quaint – but it’s also specific to dance and the [greater-]greater-Baltimore region. No ads, no tracking, no algorithms – just you, your thoughts, and your community.

Both are linked in the main menu (upper-right in this design), and available as soon as you register. Registration is required, but it’s open and easy, and we’ll try to keep it that way until it gets abused.

Pardon the dust while we re-arrange the site a bit around the new features.

Alex Lewis, Dancing Raven

Sometimes, dance shows up in very unexpected places… today it’s a football field. Transplanted to Baltimore from Arizona, ESPN has this:

“When it comes to this offensive-line dancing, there’s really no better option than Lewis. After all, he took dance for 10 years at his mother’s studio.”

Just to be nice, we’ve added a link to mom’s studio.