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Bringing Voice, Providing Dialogue, and Offering Resources for Modern Dancers Throughout Their Careers-Jill Homan Randall

Twelve Resources for College Professors (#7)

“As we gear up for the academic year ahead, I hope to offer some inspiration, ideas, and resources for college professors. All writing has been previously posted on this blog. The goal here is to gather this information in one place during the month of August. Here’s to a great year ahead” (Randall).Blog Director Jill Randall:-500wi

Get the links and read more on Randall’s blog by going to her website:

  1. For Inspiration: An Interview with Abby Fiat (retired professor from the University of Utah)
  2. For Student Advising: A Job Survey for College Dance Majors
  3. For a Technique Course: A Journal
  4. For Guidance: Three Perspectives on Chairing a Dance Department
  5. For a Freshman Seminar Course: A Reading List
  6. For Inspiration: 20 Quotes from 20 Artists
  7. For an Undergraduate Composition Course: A Reading List
  8. For a Dance History Course: Two Reading Lists
  9. For a Graduate Level Choreography Course: Essays, Book Recommendations, and Guiding Questions
  10. For a Senior Seminar Course: A Reading List
  11. For Guidance: Ten Dancers Share about Tenure
  12. For a Dance Education Course: A Reading List

MFA Geography

This is a basic map showing the institutions in the United States that offer an MFA degree in Dance. I am the first to say that you do NOT need a degree to be a serious dancer. That said, this map shows where people are going to spend years of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars specifically to be a serious dancer. Also, only the United States is covered. If I get terribly motivated, I’ll take this to the next level and add graduation rates, but for now…. enjoy.

Base data from Life as a Modern Dancer

Dance Graduates in Baltimore

I’ll come back to this eventually (there is a bigger picture in mind), but I did want to share this little bit while I was collecting information for the “learn something” links… Four-year dance degree programs in the Baltimore area:

  • Towson University, 21 Graduates
  • UMBC, 13 Graduates
  • Goucher College, 13 Graduates
  • UMCP, 11 Graduates, 4 Post-Graduates
  • Coppin State, 2 Graduates
  • ClancyWorks Dance Educators Training Institute

    A brief, but important plug for the ClancyWorks Dance Educators Training Institute, August 1 through 5, 2016 at UMBC:

    We believe that outstanding teaching takes place when educators are passionate and engaged in their own artistic growth! ClancyWorks Dance Company and Baltimore County Public Schools Office of Dance co-present intensive professional development programs for artists teaching dance, called the Dance Educators Training Institute (DETI). These week-long workshops are designed to enable participants to delve deeper into their artistic pursuits and to enhance their pedagogical techniques in a challenging and supportive environment.

    Video from 2014 … and 2013

    2016 DETI Pamphlet