Ballet Nocturne – Walk of Haunts

Ballet Nocturne, founded by Joelle Szychowski “to make a space for dancers who do not have a space now” (an issue I’ve been chasing for years now…) has a thing for food.

More importantly, they are doing some Halloween work this weekend. October 23 (rain date October 30), 8-10pm at Wishing Star Farm (this is about 15 miles northeast of Baltimore). You’ll need to be able to navigate grass and dirt. Tickets are $25 (discounts for groups), and they promise candy.

A ghost has escaped our haunted grounds and we need help bringing them back! Walk through a terrifying path lit only by your flashlight and deduce which of the spooky ghosts is missing so they can be summoned back… if you dare!

Prepare to jump out of your shoes as you shine your light on a ghost where you least expect it, and watch their balletic dance to solve the mystery.


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