Space for Tennis

A [un]fun fact from a geospatial analysis of recreation in Baltimore…

Baltimore is home to over 230 outdoor tennis courts (about half of them operated by the city).  A tennis court takes up 7200 square feet. About 2800 square feet of that is the in-bound area, and there’s some overlap outside the lines where courts are adjacent.  This means that tennis players in Baltimore have access to more than 1.2 million square feet of dedicated, purpose-built space.

That’s enough space for one thousand 30×40-foot dance studios.

About 5% of Americans play tennis.

The Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks lists 40 recreation centers, 120 playgrounds, 170 athletic fiends, 110 tennis courts, 101 basketball courts, and 29 aquatics facilities in its inventory. Of these, dance classes are listed in 6 of 40 rec centers.

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