A Data Grind

In the Dancer’s Studio is a brand-new adventure to advance the Baltimore regional dance-art economy.

One must, generally, know their current situation in order to make meaningful progress. To that end, I’ve started collecting dance-relevant, local resources over there on the right ->. These things will forever be out-of-date and incomplete, but I hope to get enough material together here in one place to provide a resource for dancers and choreographers (and dance educators, and dance audiences).

In conversation with dance people over the past several weeks, it has become obvious that even those people deep into their own dance don’t realize just how broad and varied the business of dance is in and around Baltimore. In the “Learn Something” list, you’ll find well over 100 different organizations teaching dance in the area, and I know I’ve missed several. I’ve also started collecting information on work opportunities, places to dance (and recommend you check out the newly-launched Baltimore SpaceFinder), performers available to work, organizations, and, in the near future, I’ll be adding performances. For now, most of these things on the right are not much more than links, but if you think aggregating some level of information here is useful, we can certainly do that. This is all very rough, so please pardon the dust and noise while I pull things together.

Once the data grind is mostly settled, I’ll start focusing more on commentary, analysis and prose.

If you notice something I’ve missed, please do let me know. If you’d like to contribute to this space, I’m very interested.

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